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Legendary Lugia Deck


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Hey all! So I bought this deck over the weekend and was wondering if there's any way to make it better. Cause you know, it is a pre made deck. I already have two wins and one loss with it, and the loss is ONLY because my friend did not explain the colorless mana very well. The deck is below.

Lugia-EXBlisseyChanseyGolurkGolettCresseliaMr. MimeSigilyphSkarmoryGirafarigAspertia City GymBiancaCherenDimension ValleyEscape RopeLysandreNPokémon CommunicationPokémon Fan ClubProfessor Birch's ObservationsProfessor Juniper 1× Professor's Letter 1× Random ReceiverShauna 1× Skyla 1× Super Rod 1× Switch 2× Ultra BallVS SeekerWinonaDouble Colorless EnergyPsychic Energy [sheen Holofoil] — 5× Psychic Energy [Non Holofoil]


Sorry about the format. I got the images out but i had no idea they would show up like this. 

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Note: images and urls are not allowed here.

2 Lugia-EX

2 Blissey

3 Chansey

2 Golurk

3 Golett

1 Cresselia

1 Mr. Mime

1 Sigilyph

2 Skarmory

2 Girafarig


2 Aspertia City Gym

1 Bianca

1 Cheren

2 Dimension Valley

1 Escape Rope

1 Lysandre

1 N

2 Pokémon Communication

1 Pokémon Fan Club

1 Professor Birch's Observations

2 Professor Juniper

1 Professor's Letter 

1 Random Receiver

1 Shauna

1 Skyla 

1 Super Rod

1 Switch 

2 Ultra Ball

1 VS Seeker

1 Winona


3 Double Colorless Energy

14 Psychic Energy



You seem to have 1 card too many, for starters.

For the Pokemon cards, there are several versions of each, they need to be identified by set and #, or at least the attacks/abilities on them.

In all likelihood, you have too much energy, but removing that should happen as you add other things.

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I just counted them and... you're right!!!!!!!!!!!!! They must have miscounted during packaging or wherever they count. So now, every Lugia battle deck will have 61 cards regardless. 

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How did I get 14....?

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Yeah, that's weird! I don't get what's happening! Argh! Oh wait, I counted again. the number is at 60 :) so do you have any suggestions on how this deck can be better? I don't know how it would do against a real competitive deck because my friend only plays for fun and i beat him two out of three games. 

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