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Dev Update: Version 2.47: End of Match Updates, Shining Legends, Bug Fixing


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Hello Trainers!
I want to give you a preview of the next game update coming to the Pokémon TCG Online, version 2.47, that is currently planned to release on September 19, 2017.
Highlights include:

The first two points you might already know about.  
If you're not familiar yet with the Shining Legends expansion, then click here to read more.  
As for bug fixing and addressing Known Issues, this has been our over-arching theme for 2017.  We have been working on stability and robustness of the game, with the aim to have it just work as expected.  We have also been working to improve processes that can lead to human error.  This isn't always the most exciting headline, but I think we can all agree that the game working well is generally a nice thing.  We will have a complete list of bugs fixed and updated Known Issues when version 2.47 launches on Sept. 19.
Ok, so that leaves revisions to the End of Game screen to review.
We have been working on the End of Game experience in previous updates this year, from the change to the presentation of Mystery Box content and the implementation of the daily reward progression.  This work all comes together in version 2.47. 
The current End of Game screen is functional, but has a lot of room for improvement.
In 2.47 after your game ends all the information included in the current End of Game screen will present, but instead via an interactive animation that slides in.  I conceded to myself and took some screenshots to give you a sense of the action:
The three buttons in the lower left will allow you to change between viewing the summary, the details and the game log.  
Again, this is all the same information in the current End of Game screen, but with updated visuals and presentation.  
Other news...
Besides getting ready to launch version 2.47 on Sept. 19, and the Shining Legends expansion on Oct. 6, the Pokémon TCG Online team is also hard at work getting ready for the Sun & Moon - Crimson Invasion expansion that will be supported in version 2.48 coming early November. Can the allies of Alola defend the islands—or will the Ultra Beasts take control? Stay tuned to find out!




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