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Swallow Dive 120 dmg despite being benched by Rope


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Is this enough proof of an individual card bug to warrant a new entry to the bug list? Has anyone else experienced this?


Normally, I would go file a ticket, but in this simple case, a simple post could be all that is necessary, or is it?


This possible bug arose during a tournament match, and was the match's difference:


Card: Swellow
Card Number: Guardians Rising #104
Expected Action: Effect of Agility triggering boosted damage from Swallow Dive reset once returned to the bench after Escape Rope(BUS #114), despite its replacement bench pokemon getting KO'd on same turn as escape rope use.
Actual Action: Effect of Agility triggering boosted damage from Swallow Dive did not reset after escape rope forced it to Bench

Steps to Reproduce: Attach one energy to Swellow, use Agility, have opposing player use Escape Rope to force it out and KO its replacement, then try Swallow Dive.


^ Anyone want to chime in?

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