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Great cards for packs- take a look!!


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x6 Basculin w/ flail (3 for 1 pack)


x3 Blastoise(1 pack each)


Mantine (need to get rid of these, you can have 4 for 1 pack)


Electivire (1 pack)


x2 Mismagius w/poke-power(1 RH, 1 pack each.)


Muk (1 1/2 packs)


x3 Xatu RH (1 pack each)


Krookodile BW (1/2 pack)


Klinklang BW (1 1/2 packs)


x2 Cinccino BW (1 pack each)


Ursaring Prime (2 1/2 packs)


Entei/Raikou legend bottom(1 1/2 packs)


Jirachi (2 packs)


x3 Psychic type metagross(1 1/2 packs)


Raikou and Suicune legend (2 full sets, 3 for each full set)


x4 Roserade (1 1/2 packs each)


1 Rare candy (4 packs)


1/2 of a pack means you can combine it with other 1/2 pack cards to make the half a full. If you don't want 2 half-pack cards, simply offer something worth half a pack (judge is an example).


If you think one of my prices is unreasonable, just tell me.


These are the packs I will accept, in the order I want them:


1. HS-Unleashed


2. HeartGold & SoulSilver


3. Black & White


I also want some cards, along with how many packs they're worth (I will not give packs for them)


Zorua BW (want 2, both are worth a half pack to me)


Thank you!
















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Ok, will have them right up. Are they in your binder already for the offer?





yes they are, ready for you to make the offer (I can if you want)


EDIT: i see you want floatzel, if you give 5 packs i'll add in floatzel


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My list has changed, though all my prices remain the same.


Remember, If you think any of my prices are absurd (and you're not trying to cheap me out) just tell me.


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