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How do you get new cards in this game?


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1. You get a bonus every day if you log in; Every fifth day will be a booster pack.

2. You get rewards for finishing the tutorial.

3. Finish the AI Trainer Challenges with at least 4 different theme decks; these will add to your free theme decks, and give you a booster pack for theme decks you bought in the shop.

4. Use the tokens you get to buy theme decks from the shop; Hidden Moon is the best of these right now.

5. Play versus matches (use your theme decks to start) against other people to get tokens, tickets, and booster packs when you win.

6. Play versus matches to get the prizes on the 3-week ladder. When you're good at the game, you should be able to get 100 points per day if you work at it; that will get you to the Full Art prize card for 2000 points.

7. Use tokens or tickets (tickets are better) to play "event" tournaments. The token tournament gets you tickets, the ticket tournaments can get you booster packs.

8. Buy booster packs in the token shop if you have a lot of tokens.

9. Buy real cards, use the code card included in each pack to get a booster pack in the online game, and trade those for rare cards.


Which is best? Well that depends on how much time, effort, or money you can put into it. I don't buy physical packs, but I know people who do, and get their code cards, since they don't play online.

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just adding to the points above booster packs from (events) are tradeable so trade them for the cards you need/want (every card/pack have a price so check before trading)


P.s : i recommend joining the theme tourneys for starters with the hidden moon theme deck in the shop

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