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i need some good advice please..... all these packs...


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i have a bunch of packs i've been saving for a few weeks and started opening them, and realized i had most of them already and stopped. is there a good strategy or use for them ? i see you guys trading .. whats worth saving for trade, whats worth opening? same with the points and tickets we accrue while playing. i havnt used any since i started... any good strategy for the use of those as well? i stopped opening packs once i realized the sun and moon ones were done..i probaly have 30+ of xy evolutions and diff xy... plus some of the chests (tradable?)..... good advice is much appreciated....

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There are packs you can trade and there are packs you cannot trade. I open the trade locked packs and trade the tradeable packs for what i`m looking for. You get tradeable packs if you redeem codes from real life packs,  playing/winning tournements/events and completing the 16 knock-out daily challenge. Packs from the shop, login/victory bonus and the vs ladder are NOT tradeable.

With the tickets I enter events to get tradeable packs.

With the tokens (you named them points if you mean the small gold coins) I buy every theme deck once and the promo bundles i dont have. Because that`s the easiest way to get the promos and theme decks. If you win 12 games in the trainer challenge with one theme deck you get a extra booster pack.

If you are a collector, it will be usefull to buy the collector picks, too.

When you make an public offer you have to give one token for every hour your offer will be available. (If someone accept your offer you will get the tokens back.)

In one event you have to pay tokens for entry and earn tickets. That`s usefull to get more events for more tradeable packs.


Trade your packs if possible

Use the tickets for events to get tradeable packs

Use the tokens to buy theme decks/bundles, to make trade offers and to get more tickets

PS You can send me a friend request in the game, if you want. Maybe we can trade or i can give further information. Nick: Loof6

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