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**Offer Holo & Higher Rares + Others Need TyplosionP/Reshiram etc**


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Hi i'm building a Typlosion/Reshiram deck so need the following:




3 x Typolosion Prime


3 x Reshiram


1 x 9 Tails HGSS


1 x Cleffa


1 x pokemon collector


1 x Junk Arm


3 x Pokémon Reversal




Offering (in no order so check it out!):


Jumpluff Holo




2 x Arcanine


1 x Arcanine Holo


Magamortar Holo (110hp)


Emboar (ability)


Red Gyrados






Kyogre Holo


Lugia Legend Top X3


Lugia Legend Bottom


Entei & Raikou Top


Raikou & Suicune Bottom




Suicine Holo


Electrode Prime x2




Dialga Holo


Celebi Holo (plus x2 normal Celebi)


Umbreon Holo x2 (both arts)


Spiritomb Holo


Spiritomb normal


Rare Candy


Legend Box


Thundurus RH


Machamp Prime x 2


Aggron x 2


Scizor Ability


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