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Trading Victini Sleeves for Burning Shadows packs


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I will trade away a set of Victini Sleeves for 864 Burning Shadows packs, but only this weekend. I made a public offer up fyi 24 hours left.

I realize this offer is likely only for serious collectors, and is a good trade for them since in a month or less time the value of Burning Shadows packs will go down as more and more of them saturate the game. I tend to regret these trades about a month after set release (like I did when Sun and Moon came out and made a big trade for packs because now I would not trade away Victini Sleeves for 972 Sun and Moon packs lol), but anyways, if anyone is interested in getting these Victini Sleeves right now there is a public offer up to accept if you like.

If not, thanks for taking the time to read this.

Kind Regards,


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Thanks Al, first offer is completed done.


I put another one up for 24 hours, for 900 packs for anyone else who may want a set of these sleeves.  Sorry the new set has already started to slightly devalue for me.



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