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IPAD - Connection keeps dropping


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For the past month or so the game has been losing connection to the server or loses connection completely. It never used to be like this about a month ago but now every time I play on it the connection is weak? I play the game on my iPad and I am constantly getting the 'wireless ? symbol' popping up or then the worse 'wireless x symbol' and then it crashes and I'm logged out!


I have checked my internet connection and this is fine and should present no issues. I've also rebooted my own router several times and it does not make a difference.


What's going on is it an issue with your game servers or is it a bug on the iPad? Please can you provide me with a solution to this problem as it's really annoying. Several times I have been winning a match only for that awful symbol to start popping up & then everything goes slow and I lose connection and the match!! :-(




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