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How many boosters is a foil catcher worth?


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Hey Guys! I recently got a foil catcher from a pack. Since I need Boosters, how many could I get for it?





People are offering up to 20 cards and packs for normal catchers, a foil would get you quite a lot




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On Pokemon TCGO, it doesnt really matter if its holo or not.




Anyone could care less.




Treat ur holo like a regular version of the card (Exception is Prime or Full art pokemons)


But nevertheless, the price gem u have here is a Pokemon catcher.


You can either ask for a couple of primes for it, or a single sought out prime or at least 10-12 boosters for it.




Its a commodity that people in the poke community are willng to have and pay big.


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I got each of my 4 Catchers for 1 Booster pack. 10-12 boosters is stupidly high, so is 3-4. It's the best card in the set yes, but it's still an Uncommon.


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People will very much fork 10-12 boosters for it.




You dont see that many people offering Poke Catchers.




If you find anyone that is given them away for 4 boosters then u better snatch em up quick.




People are starting to under sell certain cards that shoudnt be underselling.




In short, they are messing major profit for others.




I remember back when Yanmegas were going for almost 20 boosters, now those with extras are letting them gof ro 10 even 8.




What happens when that person who lowered the price tremendously doest have any more to sell?




Everyone else who has em will have to lower them to that same price.




As long as someone really wants it, u will be able to get that for your catcher.




I suggest not to discuss trading for it here, and put it up for trade in the trading section of the actual game.


There are people always looking for one and some are quite desperate.




I guaranteed u can get that.


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What are the odds appoximately of opening Pokemon Catcher? I thought hard about which boosters I should go for and I decided on Emerging Powers solely for Pokemon Catcher as I concluded it's the card I want the most.


If there are 31 uncommons in Emerging Powers and 3 uncommons per pack then that means I have approximately 1 in 10 chance of opening one? Also does this mean that the value of Pokemon Catcher can be as high as 10 packs, but not higher?


edit: Wow it's 4 uncommons. (I redeemed a booster for the first time!) So that means the odds of opening a Pokemon Catcher is 1 in 7.75?


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Actually, rockshard, it is three uncommons per pack. The "RH" slot can contian a common, uncommon, or rare in RH form.




That said, if the probablility of online boosters remains the same as real-life EP boosters, the pull rate is 3 catcher for 36 packs, or simplified, one catcher every 12 boosters, give or take.


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