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Future Of Magearna


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In researching what I need to change in my steel deck(s) for 2018 Srandard, I noticed something odd that I hope is addressed when it comes time for Steam Seige to be rotated out, (which I realize will not be happening any time soon.)


Magearna, (and Magearna EX), were released in Steam Seige during the X *** run. However Magearna is NOT from X ***. Magearna debuted in gen VII, which is Sun & Moon.


When it comes time to rotate out Steam Seige, how will it make any sense to exclude a Pokemon from the current generation?


It seems strange that a gen 7 Pokemon would be added to the tcg 4 months before the actual video games would be released!


I also find it odd that there is no Sun & Moon Magearna card, but there are many Sun & Moon cards still on the way, so this is not too concerning just yet.

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The data on Magearna was released long before the actual pokemon was.  In fact, when I saw that the SuMo QR code was the first Magearna event, I didn't believe it at a first, just because we had known about the pokemon for so long.  They are also planning to release Marshadow before it's obtainable, so this is something of a trend.


As for it rotating, don't worry about it.  I am certain another one will be printed, in some form or another.

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