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Login Issue | VPN against ToS?


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I have like everyone that has a Unitymedia ISP login issues.

I am from Austria and my ISP is UPC Austria.

Because I want to play the game I was thinking about login over a VPN server.

But i don't know if its against the Terms of Services. I don't want to get banned so ill ask first.


Also i would like to know how long it will take approximately till the issues are fixed.




You need to login over sso.pokemon.com to enter the forums and everyone that has the issue is normally not able to report the bug, or do a support ticket.

Maybe it is wise to inform the Players over the main site so they don't have to login.


In this thread: http://forums.pokemontcg.com/topic/53301-login-problem-all-day-logincascouldnotconnectbody/Mod_Snow said that there is a email address we should send our infos about it. Am i allowed to send screenshots because they probably make it easier to analyse data.


Also I was wondering, because on the forum I only needed to login with a non Unitymedia ISP and could change the ISP afterwards why is it not possible to have a connection loss of 1-3 seconds in game, before the client disconnect u from the game. It probably has a reason, but it would prevent unfortunate game losses due to a short connection loss too.



Summery of all my Question:

1) how long will it take to fix the issues?

2) Is using VPN is against ToS?

3) Am i allowed to share Screenshots and links in my mail to the support



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Hey there!


I apologize you are running into some issues logging in. I would suggest contacting the support team with your questions. You can open a support ticket by clicking the link in my signature and selecting the "Ask a Question" option. There should also be an area to upload screen shots when creating the support ticket. If you run into any issues logging into the forums you can send an email over to the email that Mod_Snow posted here. You can also send screenshots to that email as well. Hope that helps!

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