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Bug when buying deck with coins from shop


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Hey there I recently purchased three of the XY - Wave Slasher deck in order to get the stuff I needed for a Greninja deck. the coins where taken from my account although when I checked my collection I only had the cards from one of the deck so I only have 2 Greninja, 2 Frogadier when I should have six of each. 


The reason I bought three is because when I got two at once I only had one set of the cards so I got a third to see if this resolved the issue but it did not. The coins are no longer on my account and I have not gotten the cards except for the first time I got the starter deck from the shop.


Could someone please look at this and let me knwo what is going on, thank you in advance for the help with this issue. 


EDIT: SOrry for this thread I have noticed that I needed to open the decks in my collection. Can this thread please be deleted/locked as I have resolved the issue

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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