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LF Zorua line and others!


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LF: 3x Zorua BKT, 3x Zoroark BKT, 2x Zoroark BREAK, 2x Team Magma's Secret Base, 2x Tapu Lele, 1x Shaymin


FT: 1x Gardevoir EX,2x Lurantis GX ****** Tapu Koko GX, 1x Tapu Koko Promo (the one with Flying Flip), 1x Lycanroc GX ****** Sylveon GX, 1x Sylveon EX, 1x Vikavolt GX, 1x Wishiwashi GX, 1x Kommo-O GX, 1x Gumshoos GX



IGN: Caiman14

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