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The Real Tonight Show (S01E03: Featuring Felidae_)


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Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, my name is The Real Bug and i welcome you to the most must-read talkshow of the PTCGO Forums, The Real Tonight Show!
The rules are very simple. 
My guests will be asked questions within two rounds, The Real Questions (questions about PTCGO) and The Moment Of The Awkward Truth (questions about the corresponding guest).
I think that it is about time that all voices should be heard within the PTCGO Forums so without any further delay, I present to you:

The Real Tonight Show

My guest at this time is a person that is considered to be one of the most respected posters within the PTCGO Forums:



Round 1: The​ Real Questions


1. After the latest announcement about the forthcoming update, do you think that table are going to turn in favor of PTCGO?

It honestly depends on the angle you are looking from. In terms of increasing the player base, I doubt that the upcoming patch will have a noticeable impact. In fact the number of players is steadily rising, regardless if a major update adds only visual improvements, or gameplay refinements.

Speaking of the gameplay though, the addition of a win streak bonus, as well as rewarding points to the loser of a match, are welcome changes and they will definitely improve the overall environment of the ladder.

The first month might be a bit rough, as I'm sure we'll face a couple of new bugs, nasty exploits and so forth, but once the dust settles I'm confident we are taking big steps in the right direction.

All they need to add now is an online ELO leader-board :S.

2. Do you think that the developers need to reevaluate their decision about the chat being canned, considering that it is being a while since they took that decision?

 A chat is always a double edged sword, especially in a game that is played by people of all age groups, yet definitely catered towards a younger audience. I can understand their decision, to a certain degree, because they strive to create this safe environment, where everyone is happy and no body gets harassed or flamed ( like in 99,9% of every other online game that features a chat function).

However, TPCI's decision towards the chat also showcases their inability to find any middle ground. Just look at the discussion on the forums and you'll find a tone of good solutions to re-install the chat.

Personally I'd like to see it brought back, but I doubt that they'll listen to the feedback, at least until the numbers drop severely.

Btw, this is a bit off-topic, but one thing we always have to consider: No matter how much we hate a certain game mechanic ( forced animations, canned chat, annoying bugs, horrendous profanity filter, etc.) we won't change anything if we keep on playing never the less. The player count is rising every say, so why would the company change anything?

3. Would you say that the PTCGO Forums need to be revamped, considering that they get crowded only when there is a server outage going on?

As I wrote in my “magnum opus”, just get rid of the O. If you want to bring the community together, you need to tackle the entire community. Just imagine a forum where local stores get to promote and discuss their weekly tournaments ( Player vs Player Sub-Forum), where online and offline players get together and discuss the latest trends in the meta game ( Deck Building Sub-Forum) and where TPCI works together with popular sites, streamers and influencer, instead of isolating themselves from the rest of the internet.


Unfortunately, I doubt their current policies will prevent them from taking any step in this direction.

As long as people are unable to share content ( be it YT videos, fan art, streams, articles, stories, etc.), engage in in-depth discussion, or simply write an entire paragraph without randomly getting censored, the forums will forever be a mere shadow of its true potential.

4. What are your thoughts on how the Meta is shifting nowadays, especially after the release of the GX cards?

I'm looking forward to the post Worlds rotation, as the Standard format looks very promising so far. I do hope that the design team in Japan aren't going to immediately reprint staple cards like VS Seeker and Lysandre, as the format could honestly use a break.

This would also help in building the identity of Expanded as a format that is truly different compared to Standard, instead of running better running version of successful Standard tier 1 decks.


A major card to be concerned is obviously Garbodor and the way it oppresses the meta right now.

Unfortunately I lack the knowledge of the current Standard format, in order to give an educated prediction of the role of Garbodor in the post-rotation meta, thus I can only say that I hope good old Garb will loosen its grip a little bit, because the design philosophy of a slower paced format, that focuses on meaningful plays and long term planning gets kinda tarnished, if you have a card that forces the opponent to play with shackles on their legs.

5. Would you agree that as long as the physical copies of the cards are being profitable, PTCGO will continue to live on as well?

I honestly don't know how much the managing the server, as well as salary for development and support team actually consumes, but in the end TPCI is a company like any other and I doubt for a second that the server are going to be shut down, if they aren't profitable in the long term.

That being said I also doubt that this will happen in the near future, as the game is still running strong, both online and irl, thanks to its dedicated community.

6. If one day they decide to pull the plug on PTCGO, do you think that it could affect the sales of the physical cards?

I'd argue that the whole game would be on a decline, if they decided to shut down PTCGO. Sure, the main reason for PTCGO in the first place was to advertise the real life game and shutting down the servers would naturally stop said advertisement from influencing new players, though I doubt that this would even be a real reason for concern, should that day ever come.

Round 2: Moment Of The Akward Truth


7. While being one of the most recognisable posters here on the PTCGO Forums, have you ever kinda wished of working for TPCI?

TPCI_Felidae_ does have a nice ring to it... xD. One a serious note though I don't think I'm suited to work for TPCI, as I simply can't get behind their policies.

Also, imagine me as a moderator. The forum would evolve into a police state, where every post is monitored and you'd get banned for asking dumb questions (FFB, I'm looking at you).


As a freelance author though I could see myself writing from time to time for them, although with my student life being over since a couple of months and my new job starting on the 1st of August, I can't tell how much free time I have left to write anymore as a whole, not just about Pokemon TCG.

8. Considering i have never came across you within the game, on which format do you prefer to play the most?

Currently I mainly play Legacy, as I prefer running the old cards and with Unlimited gone, this format is as good as it gets for me. From time to time I'll also dust off my beloved Blastoise and play a round of Expanded, although this is mostly reserved for tournaments.

Once the rotation hits I'll take a closer look at Standard once again, as I haven't devoted any time in that format since I returned to the game.


The two major reasons who don't see me on the ladder though are on one side the fact that I rarely play the game at all these days and on the other side the fact that I have one of the highest ELO ratings in the game, which kinda limits the pool of people you are facing ( especially in Legacy, where the player base is lower, compared to the other formats, to begin with).

9. Have you ever competed in any Pokemon Championship or you are planning to do so any time soon?

I played a couple of Pre-Release sealed events at my local store and once or twice I thought about starting a collection ( usually when I browse through Japanese stores and see their bargain prices on cards like Shaymin EX).

Unfortunately the scene in Germany isn't very strong, at least compared to MtG, a game that I play competitively IRL for around 8 years now, thus it is hard to devote money and free time into Pokemon.

That being said, I firmly believe that playing with real cards will always be a million times more enjoyable than playing with virtual ones. The feel of the cards in your tend, the banter with your opponent and the tension slowly rising in the room, you simply can't get the same experience while sitting in front of your monitor.

10. Do you maybe have some special message for TPCI Staff or the members of the PTCGO?

@TPCI: ELO leader board ? You know I won't stop bothering you with this until it is done  ;).

@the people: I'm a brutally honest guy and thus I will end with the following:

The number of people I like and respect on these boards is limited. I'll never be a man of the people, as my content is usually based around sarcasm, ill-mannered jokes and calling out players for their stupidity, rather than being the friendly muffin that only wants to spread happiness and love.


If you act like an idiot, demand ridiculous things, or downright lack the mental capacity to discuss a topic in an intelligent manner, I'll find you and I will.... write a letter to you that shows you how very very angry I am ( insert Team America joke here).





And that is all for this episode of The Real Tonight Show!

I would really like to thank Felidae_ for his time and i hope that he will honor me again with his presence sometime in the future.

Feel free to discuss what you just read in the comment section below and if you wish to be a part of the next episode of The Real Tonight Show, all you have to do is send me a private message.


Thank you and goodnight everyone!


Yours truly,

The Real Bug

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"Well played!"

*Spams Heart*


Seriously, great to have you back, TRB, and nice to meet the guy behind the legendary face on the side of those posts of wisdom.

Oh, and not sound like a ******** or something, but didn't I suggest this when Felidae_ was listing potential people, and I pointed out he'd forgotten himself? :ph34r: Hmm...

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A must-read indeed.

Nice one, have an updoot.

Thank you for your kind words people :)



"Well played!"

*Spams Heart*


Seriously, great to have you back, TRB, and nice to meet the guy behind the legendary face on the side of those posts of wisdom.

Oh, and not sound like ********** or something, but didn't I suggest this when Felidae_ was listing potential people, and I pointed out he'd forgotten himself? :ph34r: Hmm...

Yes you did and i managed to convince him to do it :P

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Thank you for your kind words people :)


Yes you did and i managed to convince him to do it :P

All's well that ends well indeed. :lol: 

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Another awesome post from both ends. But what about fighting fury belt? Is it broken again!!!?? Hopefully it is getting fixed again i was wondering why when i attached it to my greninja break i still only had 170 hp.




This is of course a joke, and a very bad one at that, but thanks again guys for a great read and keep em comin!

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Thank you for your well written post :), its great to hear from people who have such an interest in PTCGO.


Thank you for your kind words  :)

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