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Pokemon Yellow Remake


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Hey folks, with all the anniversaries coming up lately, especially when it comes to Pokémon, this year marking 15 years since the original Ruby and Sapphire coming out for the Game Boy Advance, and with Gold and Silver coming out on the Virtual Console, 18 years after the two appeared for the Game Boy Color, Crystal, probably up for debate, and depending on if there was a real lack of Sinnoh Pokémon in the Alola PokeDex, a DP remake about a year or two away.


Anyway, since next year marks 20 years since it's debut, would like to see a Pokémon Yellow remake come out for the 3DS.  Even though Bolt Yellow was probably just used as part of an April Fools joke, while not sure if I'm the only one who would like to see it, but would like to see a Yellow remake for real.  Since Yellow is supposedly based on the anime, even though it's pretty much the same story used in Red and Blue, well, would like to see it remade, but more based on the anime, like get to play Ash, and like in the anime, have Pikachu follow you around, even ride your shoulder, while giving Team Rocket, more specifically, Jesse, James and Meowth more airtime, and for a twist from the anime, get to send them 'blasting off' a few times.


Everything else, would be a bit like the original in storyline.  That, or like how some games that tend to be based off of an anime that revolves some kind of game, make it where Ash and Gary are their own characters, you get to control a third character, either boy or girl, and get to choose your own starter, which are three completely random Pokémon, and while Ash does his own story, and you never really know what Gary did while traveling with his cheerleaders, or how he met them, then they could throw in a third story, that is like Yellow, but with a few more twists.


Well, now I got that out of the way, might as well defend myself.  I know people don't want to see another Red and Blue remake, and with 2021 marking the 25th anniversary of the debut that started it all, anything is a possibility, wither Red and Blue, or FRLG, or even Yellow, it depends on how sentimental Nintendo is when it comes to big anniversaries.  Also, since most of the Mega Evolutions, and Alolan Pokémon are from Kanto, along with a movie remake of the anime pilot, who's to say they aren't building up towards one?  Besides, would like to see a game based on the anime, even if it has to be for the Switch, and instead of the Sevii Islands, bring in the Orange Islands, along with, some way to continue the story somehow, the difference being you don't end up having to start completely from square one like Ash always seems to do when it comes to changing regions.

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