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Convert your unwanted/duplicate cards into GR packs!


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Get rid of your unneeded/duplicate cards and get some GR packs for them!


I am looking for bulk trades for my GR packs. This is for fillers to the collection.

IGN: peterabing


-Add me in game.

-Tag all the cards that you want to trade for my GR packs (pokemon, trainers, energies and even gameplay items)

-I will create a trade for your cards against my GR packs.

-You review the trade and accept if you are happy with it.



-You create the trade for the cards that are on my WANTS list. I already tagged all cards that I need from A to H. There's a lot of common/uncommon cards still needs to be filled.


No duplicate please.



2 packs per 60 cards

Holo rares are counted as 2


PM me if interested.

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