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[MAC] Crashing - Crash During Tournament


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So my game keeps freezing on Mac. I was in a tourney and it froze before I drew a hand making me time out. Is there anyway I can get my tickets refunded?

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Submit a ticket to our support team. Please include the following information when doing so:


1. What time did this bug occur and what were the screen names of the user accounts involved?
2. When it occurred, what action was being taken, what did you see?
3. Did the client recover afterwards/recover gracefully? Did you get kicked to the login page, or soft-locked?
4. Please copy your game log into a text file and attach to this ticket. If you were unable to gather your game log, please provide the client version listed on your login screen.
5. Your platform: PC, Mac or iOS?
I can guarantee you will get a refund, but at the very least someone will investigate for you.
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