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Straight steel deck


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So here's the list:

##Pokémon - 16

* 2 Solgaleo GRI 87
* 1 Solgaleo-GX PR-SM ****
* 3 Klink STS 71
* 2 Klang STS 72
* 1 Klinklang STS 73
* 4 Cosmog SUM 64
* 3 Cosmoem SUM 65

##Trainer Cards - 24

* 2 Bursting Balloon BKP 97
* 1 Pokédex EVO 82
* 1 Brock's Grit EVO 74
* 2 Professor's Letter XY 123
* 2 Wally ROS 94
* 1 Timer Ball SUM 134
* 2 Super Rod BKT 149
* 2 Switch SUM 132
* 1 Evosoda XY 116
* 2 Pokémon Center Lady
* 2 Skyla BKT 148
* 2 Float Stone BKT 137
* 1 Pokémon Ranger STS 104
* 2 Level Ball NXD 89
* 1 Altar of the Sunne GRI 118

##Energy - 20

* 20 Metal Energy Energy 8

Total Cards - 60


Now, the idea of this deck is to basically beat your opponent to a bloody pulp; That's all I've ever managed to see come from a steel deck, it seems. Just raw power, strategy revolves around making their attacks work with one another and simply getting them energized. I'll specify the GX version of Solgaleo when I'm talking about him :D

So, here's the strategy:
You rush to get your two Solgaleo's out, and use Skyla to acquire floatstones to attach to them. Solgaleo's second attack does 170 damage, but can only be used every other turn. So my idea here was to have two of them float stone and retreat back and forth to keep a constant onslaught of 170 every turn. However, the Pokemon Ranger also allows for that attack to be used again, so I put one in there, as well as a few switch cards to get them swapped even with status ailments(GX's ability could also fix it, but what are the chances of having all 3 out, ya know?)

Brock's Grit and the two Super Rods are used to clean up after the Solgaleo GX's attack discarding them. I doubt he'd be in play long enough to use that attack out more than twice, but, just to be safe there's 2 rods to accompany Brock's Grit.

Level balls are to grab stage 1's and 2's for Solgaleo and Klink.
I put Klinklang in the deck because, let's be honest, guys... Klinklang is amazing, lol. 70 first turn, 140 every turn afterwards. His ability lowers incoming damage by 10 for each * in your opponent's retreat cost, and that goes even higher if you've got special steel energies(I don't have any yet... So that's why it's not in this list.)

Altar of the Sunne is to get rid of my weakness to fire, because fire's a favorite type to run right now, it seems. While Timerball, EvoSoda, and Wally are to help evolve my Pokeymanz, lol.

Opinions? What would you change? I've tested this some online, and its record out of 20 is

15 - 5, and some were by luck and some others by someone just conceding right at the start of the fight, about 3 of them.

Also, the Pokemon Center Lady doesn't have its set listed because for some reason it censors

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Stage 2 lines tend to eat up a lot of deck space, so it's best to focus on Solgaleo GX, as it's more viable than the Klinklang line. Because Solgaleo GX burns up all its energy after using Sunsteel Strike, you need a plan to get them back on to it. One of the best partners for Solgaleo GX is Lurantis GX, whose Flower Supply attack lets you attach two basic energy from the discard pile to your Pokemon however you like. A 4-2-3 line of Cosmog-Cosmoem-Solgaleo GX is ideal, as Solgaleo GX tends to be the main focus in this case. Leaving in a single copy of the non-GX Solgaleo is also a good option to have a non-EX attacker that snipes and still has a strong attack. A 3-2 line of Fomantis-Lurantis GX would also be included in this case. You need Pokemon that can provide draw support to help you dig for the cards you need. Shaymin EX is highly preferred for the potentially strong draw power provided by Set Up, though Oranguru can be used as a budget option. Tapu Lele GX is also another Pokemon worth including if you have it, as it can get you a Supporter from the deck and be a decent backup attacker when needed. And speaking of backup attackers, you can use Genesect EX as it also synergizes with Lurantis.


These are the Trainer cards your deck must have:

-4 Ultra Ball (to maximize Pokemon-searching potential)

-4 Vs Seeker (to reuse supporters)

-3-4 Trainers' Mail (to dig for important trainer cards)

-4 Prof. Sycamore (to burn through your deck for the cards you need)

-2-3 N (for backup draw support)

-2 Lysandre (to snipe problematic Pokemon)

-1 Super Rod and/or Rescue Stretcher (for recycling Pokemon and/or energies)

-1-2 Field Blower (to remove opposing Tools and Stadiums)


To make room for this lineup, you have to redo your entire trainer list from scratch and consider the below suggestions as well.


Since this is a Stage 2 deck, use 4 Rare Candies to evolve Cosmog straight into Solgaleo. Since you're currently running 2 Stage 2 lines, they'll end up competing for whoever gets to use the Rare Candies. I'd say remove the Klinklang line entirely so Solgaleo has more opportunities to be on the field. Stage 2 Pokemon aren't easy to get out because you need to wait two turns to fully evolve the Pokemon and trying to gather the right Pokemon together and that's slow. Add in some Float Stones in case Solgaleo's Ultra Road gets shut down by Hex Maniac or Garbotoxin Garbodor. Choice Band is also worth considering to do more damage to EXs and GXs.


You have way too many energies. 20 energies makes you unable to draw into the cards you need. Drop it down to around 6-8 Steel energies and include 4-5 Grass energies in the deck for Lurantis GX to use Flower Supply with.

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Or, try a Metagross GX deck instead.

It doesn't need Flower Supply, but it is weaker in damage output.

It seems to be in vouge right now with this weird Garbodor meta, since it can use Alolan Vulpix and Algorithm GX to set up without Items against Garbodor.

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