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how to get good Pokémon?


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Hey everyone,


like the topic says, I wonder how to get good Pokémon. When I'm battling in versus mode, I encounter a lot of decks with EX-Mewtow, EX-Deoxys, ... with at least 3 of them.


So I wonder, how to get them. To trade you have to know which one you want, how to build your deck, but I build my deck with the cards I have got. If I trade it is most of the times to get a card I need for the deck I'am building (for example, I traded to get an EX-Charizard to do an M-Charizard).


I know Ex-Pokémon are quite rare but I recently opened like 20 boosters and I got one GX-Pokémon and the rest was, well... *****.


*with **** I mean cards I already have and are for no use in any of my decks..

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Get tradeable boosters by winning Theme events, then trade said boosters for the cards you need.


Try and focus on getting a strong deck together, I advise Volcanion if you're looking to rank among the best. But for now, a Sylveon GX deck is probably cheapest, and not too bad either.

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