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Coming Version 2.45: Daily Rewards and Versus Points Refinements


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Hello Trainers!


I want to let you know more about the next game version, 2.45, that the Pokémon TCG Online Development Team is hard at work on.  


Version 2.45 is actively being worked on, so the features that I describe here are all work in progress and subject to change.  Currently, version 2.45 is scheduled for the later part of June, depending on how development and testing efforts proceed.


Versus Points Refinements:


One Versus Point for each prize card taken in a loss

In the current game, if you play a hard fought, long running Versus game, but end up losing, the taste of defeat can be rather bitter in that you gain no Versus Points toward advancing on the 3 week Versus Ladder for the loss.  


In version 2.45, if you play a Versus game and end up losing, you will still be rewarded with 1 versus point for each prize card you took in the match.  




Versus Point Streaks for back to back wins

In version 2.45, if you go on a streak of Versus wins, you will be rewarded with bonus Versus Points.  Here is the current plan for streak bonuses:


  • Win 1 game, if you win your 2nd game in a row you will receive +5 versus points to your total.
  • Win 2 games in a row, if you win your 3rd game you will receive +10 versus points.
  • Win 3 games in a row, if you win your 4th game you will receive +15 versus points
  • Win 4 games in a row, if you win your 5th game (and all successive consecutive wins) you will receive +20 versus points.

These streak bonus Versus Points are in addition to the normal 10 Versus Points for a win (15 if against an opponent with Advantage).


Why I am excited for these Versus Point Changes

In my mind, both of these changes will give players more incentive to play less than perfect games.  Currently, many players who don't get a good start to a game simply concede.  Conceding is fine, everyone should always have that option.  However, if you do stick it out to play, maybe you'll go on to an upset victory and net some streak bonus points if you won your prior game(s).  Or, even if you lose, you can still be making progress with points from prize cards.


Also, these refinements will just give out more Versus Points.  In general, people will be advancing on the Versus Ladder faster.


All told, our hope is that these changes will create a more fun and competitive environment.


But wait... there is more!



Versus Daily Rewards: New Progression Track

In version 2.45 we are replacing the Versus Bonus Wheel with a track of rewards that reset daily.  


Tournaments will remain unchanged.  There will still be a Bonus Wheel for playing in Tournaments (win or lose) as there currently are. The change is only for Versus.


Anyone who has played some amount of Versus Games has probably experienced the Bonus Wheel spin and land on a previously obtained slot.  That is... not as fun as it could be.


The track of rewards will let you always feel you are making progress. 


Here are some screen shots:


2.45 Versus Page




If you click on the "eyeball" next to the daily progress tracking (in the screenshot above, on the left side middle that says "in 3 wins!") it will show you your progress through the daily reward track that you see below:


Daily Reward Track



If I win 1 game, I will open a Mystery Box, win a 2nd game, another Mystery Box, 3rd game 3x Trainer Tokens, etc.


The actual details of the daily reward track as they will be seen on live when version 2.45 is deployed is still a work in progress.


This track of daily Versus rewards will also display in the end of match animation sequence when you win a Versus game.


Besides the above refinements, the team is also working on addressing known issues.


I look forward to your feedback!



To post your thoughts and feedback, please join us on the Feedback Forum!

note: you need to be logged in to view or post to the Feedback Forum

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