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"Waiting for your opponent to load..."


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I didn't want to use the word "cheating" because it would open arguements rather than solutions.


So, at the moment, I'm participating in the Expanded Tournament. I won the first round, a feat not acheived often for me. Now waiting in the 2nd round. For an hour. The game has alteady began, yet says "Waiting for your opponent to load the game".


Usually after a few minutes, the app will automatically restart, or the game will discontinue. Apparently not in this case. Going on an hour now, waiting, oh, hold on, after no timers or moves from either players, I somehow just lost.


Anyone else experience this?

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Yeah, it's a well known bug that occurs from time to time ( probably a server error, but I can't say for sure, though it's definitely not your opponents fault / it's not intentional).


Best course of actions: write a support ticket and state your problem. I've experienced this bug two or three times myself and I've always gotten my tickets back ( you don't get your time back though, sorry ^^).

Note though that it might take some days for the support team to respond.

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