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d 4 Catcher and 2 Rare Candy. Have Magnezone and Gothitelle!


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Edit: Just realised my title is messed up :S




Hi everyone. I've been looking for these for some time now. These are pretty much the least few cards I need to complete my deck.


Here is what I can offer:


  • 4-4-1 Gothitelle Ability
  • 2-2-2 Reuniclus
  • 3-0-1 Magnezone Prime
  • 1 Meganium Prime
  • 1 Bottom Ho-oh Legend
  • 2 Bottom Lugia Legend
  • 2 Blissey Prime



I've made some Public offers such as




4-4-1 Gothitelle and 2-2-2 Reuniclus for 2 Catcher and 2 Candy.


If I can get that trade done, I'll hand over Magnezone Prime for 2 Catcher.


These are the last of my good cards so I'm relying on these to get the majority of the last cards for my deck. I'm not really going to accept offers like 1 Catcher for Gothitelle or 1 Candy for it either even if Catcher is probably worth one. Also, I'd rather trade Gothitelle and Reuniclus away together. I have no use for these cards so they're yours if you can give me a good offer.


And no, I don't want anything else. I'm just looking for Catchers and Candies. If I don't accept something like Rare Candy for Magnezone, it also means I won't accept Candy, PlusPower and BlackBelt for it so please don't think that adding extra cards will seal a deal. The only thing(s) that will are Catcher or Candies.


Thanks for reading and please make sensible offers. I'd rather get rid of Goth/Reuni first but if Magnezone goes first, I'll probably want 3 Catcher for him.


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Just letting you know, it will probably be near impossible to get 2 catcher and 2 candy with just a goth and 2 Reuniclus.


Gothitelle is worth like 3-4 packs while Reuniclus is around 2


Total = 8 packs




2 Catcher = 6-8 packs


2 Candy = 8 packs.


Total = 14-16 packs




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