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Royal Flash Slowking?


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Okay, this is horrible, however, I've got an idea I'd like to mull over with the community. With all of the energy discarding cards we have now, what does everybody think of a deck built around basically attacking your opponent through their energy?


Deck list:

##Pokémon - 15


* 1 Blastoise-EX EVO 21

* 2 Lapras BKP 28

* 1 Manaphy-EX BKP 116

* 2 Poliwag EVO 23

* 1 Poliwhirl EVO 24

* 1 Poliwrath EVO 25

* 2 Pyukumuku SUM 47

* 3 Slowpoke BKP 19

* 2 Slowking BKP 21


##Trainer Cards - 28


* 2 Aqua Patch GRI 119

* 1 Archie's Ace in the Hole PRC 124

* 1 Brooklet Hill GRI 120

* 4 Crushing Hammer SUM 115

* 1 Delinquent BKP 98

* 4 Dive Ball PRC 125

* 1 Evosoda XY 116

* 1 Hau SUM 120

* 1 Lysandre ******

***** NVI 92

* 1 Pokémon Center Lady ******

* 1 Professor's Letter XY 123

* 2 Skyla BKT 148

* 2 Team Flare Grunt XY 129

* 2 Team Skull Grunt SUM 133

* 2 VS Seeker PHF 109

* 1 Wally ROS 107


##Energy - 17


* 2 Splash Energy BKP 113

* 15 Water Energy HSEnergy 9


Total Cards - 60


Slowking's Royal Flash to move energy from their active to a benched who would clearly not need any more energy. Keep him on the bench while you've got Poliwrath out there just hitting them and discarding an energy with every attack.

4x crushing hammer, Team Flare Grunt, Team Skull Grunt, etc to discard energy from their Pokemon and from their hand. Dive Balls to get your Pokemon's evolutions while the stadium's bringing out their basics, then use Delinquent to make them trash some cards once you're done with the stadium. Lapras basically gets your supporters out to also help you get started, and everybody knows what Manaphy's for LOL.


And Lysandre to switch in the Pokemon that has all the energy attached to it to KO it and sending all of the energy they've equipped to the discard pile.


Opinions? Anything you'd change? Granted, the strategy here is completely leaving out an opponent who fights back, so.

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Several cards in this deck don't seem to fit at all. Blastoise EX and Pyukumuku just seem to be wasting space. And everyone here will tell you how bad Hau is. So, before we get to the deck itself, some of the basics need to be sorted unfortunately.

4 Sycamore, 2 N, 4 VS Seeker, and 4 Ultra Ball. Every deck needs them.


The main problem I see here is the only Pokémon which help your strategy are Lapras (too weak), Slowking and Poliwrath (too slow). So, have you considered that just because you're running Slowking, you don't have to use Water types? The deck in this vein for you I think is Sylveon GX. It can wipe out an opponent's Energy in minutes. And the only Pokémon it runs is 4 Eevee and 4 Sylveon. If you wanted to maybe you could use Slowking in that deck? Try it.


If you want to stick with your current list, you'll need Rare Candies, the staples I mentioned above, much, MUCH less Energy, and more focused Pokémon lines. Decide whether Lapras is your main 'attacker' (in which case, definitely look at Sylveon) or Poliwrath is (in which case run a 4-2-4 line with 3-4 Candies).

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