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...Take ALL Prize Cards in a single knock out? (Theory, just for fun, not serious)


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Okay, I just pulled a Whimsicott from the new Sun & Moon Guardians Rising pack(First time I've saw this one, I never dig through the entire set anywhere to see what all is in them,) and I got to thinking... It's actually quite possible to take all 6 prize cards in a single KO, or just finish the game on your second attack. Do note that the chances of pulling this off in-game is extremely low, so it's not practical, at all, to use this. Simply theorizing here and making a playful deck for laughs.


What it requires is:

SuMo GR Whimsicott

Ancient Trait Articuno

4x Greedy Dice

2x Rotom Dex

Brooklet Hill/Anything to look through the deck.


Okay, so... You look through the deck to make sure that a Greedy Dice is in the PC's, and if not, use the Rotom Dex. The reason there's 4x Greedy Dice is the raise the chances of it ending up in the prize cards. Once that's taken care of, then comes the fun part:

Taking all 6 PC's in a single turn.

Requires the Greedy Dice and an EX-KO to do it, but

Whimsicott adds an extra 2 PC's to be taken on knock out for the defending Pokemon on your next turn. Articuno already takes 2. That's 4.

KO'ing an EX makes it 5, and drawing the greedy dice takes your 6th.


However, even if you don't KO an EX, there's always the Walk-Off Homer Slowbro that would finish the game when you have 1 prize card left.


This is just simply something I quickly threw together to see what everybody thought. What would you guys build this deck with, if you were aiming to do this simply for lol's in a battle?

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Max Elixir/Aqua Patch to set up fast.

Probably Expanded for Life Dew and Battle Compressor.

Nothing more to say really.

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I was testing this whimsicott since it was revealed. (About 2-3 months ago) I was testing it with Lugia EX (Plasma) so you can net an extra prize. If you KO an EX you can take 3 prizes + if you used Wages of Fluff last turn + getting heads on a greedy dice that's 6 prizes in one turn! It works but it takes a while to set up, no matter what Delta Plus pokemon you use.

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