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Some decent cards for trade


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Hi everyone, looking to make some trades, relatively new to this tcg online scene, learning values and what not, but know that I have a good understanding of what the good cards are, so no rip offs please :)






Noteworthy haves:


Zekrom (Full art, might trade for good offer)


Feraligatr Prime (in deck atm, again good offers pls xD)


Dialga/Palkia Legend (Top Half)




Rainbow Energy


Jumpluff (mass attack HGSS) (x3) Might trade all 3 for good offer




Prof.Elm's Trading Method


Bill (x2)




Pokegear (x2)


Pokemon Reversal








1-1-1 Tyhlosion line (not prime; good for beginners I guess)


Clefable (HGSS, x2)


1-1 Blissey Line (non-prime)


Mandibuzz (B/w)


Scrafty (B/w)




Full Heal








Your offers :D


Packs are nice


Donphan Prime


Typhlosion Prime (x3)


Reshiram (x3)


Tyrogue (any set)


Skiploom (1-2, assuming I don't trade the Jumpluffs)


Yanmega Prime (who doesn't want this?)


Magnezone Prime (read above)


Zoroark B/W (x2)


Pokemon Communication (x2)


Pokemon Collector (x2)


Rare Candy (x3)




Pluspower (any set; need 3-4)


Pokemon Catcher (surprised?)


... have some other wants, but those come to mind at this point in time ^^




Also, my binder "should" be up for trade, so feel free to check it out :) not at the cards that are listed above are there, but I have some others, such as uncommon/commons from multiple sets, so feel free to offer :)


Preferably post here first so I know who the offer is from and what it is :) Thanks for reading, hope to have some good trades!


















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well i would love that zekrom of yours, but i doubt thats a good enough offer ;D.. other than that im not sure, do you have a binder up atm?



yeah my binder should be up (not really sure how the system works tho, I don't know how to find other ppl's binders)


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i'll take a look.. is there anyway i can lure that zekrom from your hand to mine? i could do with a card like that right now





its gotta be a good offer :P its my only zekrom :( (not much luck with packs, online and irl)


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