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Packs, gameplays Filter


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I was thinking if we could have a filter for the packs and gameplays, like we do have in the public trades section. Like for cards, energies. Filters for packs and gameplay items could be a great help. If that can be done.


Packs filter should have --> 5 card packs, 10 card packs option. Theme decks, boxes, normal packs, trainer kits etc.


Gameplays can be divided into coins, sleeves, boxes etc.. I know it can be done with the search bar, but would still be better with a filter.


It will also help to trade packs without having them tagged and search for specefic new released side boxes etc..


Don't know much about it.


But this would be a feature I would like to have.


Thank you :)

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The filters could be a lot better in all areas.


For trading, many people mark every card they have extras of with the "for trade" tag. If then filter trades as:

"I'm giving"

"tagged for trade"

You'll still see trade after trade for your prize GX and some worthless common.


When building a deck, try filtering for cards that use colorless energy. Very little will be removed, because so many cards include it in costs. You could add fire pokemon to your water/grass deck if they use only colorless, but you can't filter for that.


Inclusive, exclusive, and, or, not... filters could be so much more.

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