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Trade Up Card Tier List. (Newbie asking for help :D)


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Hello and thanks for the help in advanced.
​I am fairly new to the TCGO and having a lot of fun. i understand the best and most expensive cards to trade for right now are shayamins and tapuleles. but how do we get there?


(Example: i had a random toxicroak that i traded for a pasimian, then i traded that pasimiam for a vilepume and finally i traded that vileplume for a volcanion)
What should i ask for now? is there a tier list to know which cards are more valuable in order, like which rares are good to have that may be even traded for EX's, which EX's are more viable? (therefore valuable). 
I have been guiding myself by the trading companies prices, do i need to keep doing that or is there another resource i haven't found about?

Sorry for the long post good day everyone.

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Hello! Welcome to the PTCGO! :D

The rarest cards you should be gunning for mainly is Tapu Lele and Shaymin, but more Tapu Lele since in 3 months from now Shaymin will be illegal from standard from being rotated to expanded format.


For rare cards the company prices are a good resource for getting an idea on the price of a certain card, also on public trades you can possibly get them for a couple of packs less if you are lucky 

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Trade flipping can be excruciatingly slow and unreliable (but definitely rewarding when it pays off).


My Advice:

1. Get the Hidden Moon theme deck from the token shop (500 tokens).

2. Participate/win Theme deck events (not this week mind you, as Theme deck is currently rotated to reward event tickets in exchange for token entry).

3. ???



If you win 1 tournament a day for a week you'll have 21x GUR packs and a host of other random packs - which is more than enough to trade for either a Shaymin-EX and/or Tapu Lele-GX. Keep in mind you can still continue trading operations while participating in tournament events.

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@KarpGrinder thanks i am already doing the theme deck events my question is in more like in regards to the trade flliping i dont know what to ask for. i dont know what card is more valuable than other how can i get a grasp into that?

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I'd advice you to go to check out this link: http://www.pokemon.com/us/play-pokemon/pokemon-events/championship-series-event-results/
​These are the results of the most recent tournaments. This basically lets you know what the most recent winning decks have been, and this obviously indicades which cards are more valuable.
​My advice is to straight up copy one of the decks, and trade to get all the necessary cards. But I do suggest that you buy theme decks from the shop to gather all of the trainer cards.

​I hope this helps a little bit. 

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