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Greatfox13's Trading Topic Trading my cards for needs or boosters


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I am looking for some Fighting-Type cards and trading some other cards, at the moment I am not trading any other cards but I will update my list as needed. I may also be willing to trade for Booster Packs if the number is right. Just post your offers and I will try and get back to you as soon as possible.






4-3-2-Steel Metagross Line


Psychic Metagross






Rage Pupitar x2


Copycat x2












Sky Uppercut Lucario






Edit: Need much less now


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Hmm, Gotaway, would you be willing to add anything to that trade? It doesn't have to be anything from my list or anything massive, just something to make the trade a little better. I'm just not sure about it at this point. Let me know.


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