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Knockout with Latios EX does not allow selecting prize cards after using Town Map

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I have encountered this issue many MANY times. I have not shared a game log as the log does not show the issue anyway. Let me explain; here's my issue in the form of a game scenario:


-I still have all 6 prize cards as it is early in the game.

-I can see my prize cards because I used 'Town Map.'

-I achieve a knockout using Latios EX's 'Fast Raid' attack.

-The opponets active pokemon was not EX or GX.

-The prize cards pop up prompting me to choose a prize card.

-I click the bottom-left to draw Pokemon Fan Club. It starts glowing yellow but doesn't do anything.

-The game acts like it's waiting on me to pick a second prize card, but clicking any other card makes all the cards glow green again.

-No matter how many times I click, I can not select the 'Pokemon Fan Club' card because clicking it just toggles it between selected and not selected. Even when selected, the game does not award me with the card.

-Clicking another card while the first card I selected is glowing yellow simply deselects the card and they all glow green again.

-Sometimes, clicking another card instead of the one I want will award me the newly selected card properly.

-Most of the time, the previous step of clicking another card will not award me that card either and will continue the same pattern of toggling on and off when I click it.

-In this case, I have to wait for the inactivity timer to appear ("15 seconds remaining!").

-When this timer reaches zero, the first card at the top-left is always given to me reguardless if a different card is actively selected. The prize menu closes, and the game returns to normal.


As mentioned before, I am not including a game log as doing so wouldn't aid in any way. The log shows "Player defeated opponents active pokemon. Player drew a prize card [prize card name]."





I am not sure if this occurs when using Latios EX's other move, Light Pulse.


The prize card rewards work normally when defeating an opponent's EX or GX pokemon, likely because I am supposed to draw two prize cards.

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This is a known issue with Town Map (and possibly other prize-revealing cards, I don't know).

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