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Both zekrom and Reshiram are two very powerful cards.


But there are many powerful cards in the world of pokemon TCG (including sheer cold beartic, yanmega prime, magnezone prime and donphan prime)


Sooner or later you can win against them.Good thing you aren't playing against a reshiram + typhlosion P combo, that would be almost impossible!


Both zekrom and reshiram have a disadvantage:


Their storngest attacks can stop them for several turns (reshiram) or even knock them out! (zekrom) but zekrom will take advantage of this and use outrage, as usual :l




The only thing i can say is that you should keep trying.


You could put up a substitute pokemon (in case your opponent still has many prizes) and let your opponent attack it while you are powering up your own pokemons.


(also, a typhlosion is as strong as a reshiram, so if you can get it out then you might be able to defeat it!)


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