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[GAME]Game inaccessible

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Client: Inaccessible. Should be latest version as of 07/05/2017. (dd/mm/yyyy)

Description: Client resolution ruined on startup, interaction with it impossible.

Fix attempts:  

- Alt+enter fails.

- Clicking game screen fails.

- Initiating file repair through installer has no effect.

- Restarting computer has no effect.

Currently found fix: Game removal + reinstallation. (resulting in retaking the unskippable tutorial - first reinstallation removed tutorial obtained cards, but trainer coins remained, second loaded directly into the last started trainer challenge)

Steps to Reproduce: Unknown. Issue randomly happened during game twice, (first time after forced client restart due to client crashing, second time upon starting a trainer challenge)  not being repaired until complete removal and reinstallation.

Computer specs: 
- CPU: Intel Core i7 2.2 GHz

- RAM: 4 GO

- GPU: AMD Radeon HD 6750M

- DirectX: 9.0
- Operating system: Windows 7 (through Bootcamp 5.1 on Macbook)


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