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Need a main attacker for my fire/electric deck not named RESHARIM/ZEKROM


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Hello! My fire/electric deck needs a main attacker. And before you post the overpowered dragons, resharim and zekrom are not my style.


My deck is:




15 Fire


5 Electric


1 Rescue




Dual Ball x1


Energy Retrival x2


Energy Returner x1


Energy Search x2


Junk Arm x1


Max Potion x1


Pokemon Coummication x1


Revive x1


Switch x2




Cheren x1


Flower Shop Lady x1


Interviewers Questions x2








Vulpix x2


Ninetails x1 Ability


Cydaquil x4


Quilava x2


Typholsion x1


Mareep x4


Flaafy x3


Ampharos Prime x1


Any Sugestions are welcome! Thank you.






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You dont use psychic energy to use Raquaza & Deoxys legend, only fire and electric energies. True its not Fire or Electric but it requires those energies to attack. You could use Entei & Raikou legend insted.


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What about Magnezone Prime and Emboar Ability? They'll be hard to get hold of but the two have perfect synergy. You use Emboar's Ability to attach loads of Fire Energy ((to lower your hand size) then use Magnezone's Magnetic Draw to draw even more cards. Then attach even more Fire Energy with Emboar. Plus, Magnezone's attack, Lost Burn allows you to Lost Zone as many Energy attached to all of your Pokémon as you want so you Lost Zone as many of those Fire Energy you attached with Emboar. The attack does 50 damage for each Energy. 3 Energy will OHKO almost anything!


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If you are running Ampharos prime, why not 1 normal Ampharos also?


1 Typhlosion (prime or not) can also complete it.


As main attacker you might want to use Simipour BW.


Another main attacker could be Magcargo (undaunted)


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You can use Lanturn Prime. Its damage can quickly go up, and it can hit Reshiram and Donphan P (which all your Lightnings would be weak against. The Ampharos line in this case) for SE.


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First I'd say take out those energy searches...It's like an energy card it self and can only pick up basics if I'm correct. I'd say Tepig>Pignite>Emboar are great main attackers to me.(I only have one emboar.,but multiple tepigs and pignites...So no main Emboar for me.) Raichu would be good too. I tried going magmortar,but I didn't like the way it ran,and I didn't have many in the first place.....*Current deck: Water fire*


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Nah, Energy Search is good, each one of those cards could be a Fire or Lightning energy, depending on what you need at the time. If you were running a lot of nonbasic energy I'd suggest cutting it, but in Fire/Lightning you generally won't be, so just count them as 4 of your energy cards.


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I still don't like it too much....That's why I run a 50/50 energy type deck...not a 75/25...It just seems like a waste of a card to put in a deck. I don't really like using a card to get only one card. Now,if it let you get TWO energy cards,I wouldn't say anything about it....If you had rainbow energies,I'd use those instead,if you had a different energy searching card then I would pick that too.


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