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Trading popular cards - Yanmega, candy, etc. inside!


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Alright, post your offers here. I check and update often. I accept cards, booster packs or combination of both (although I value boosters higher). You don't have to offer packs, check wanted list too! For reference:


  • yanmega for 10 packs each
  • magnezone for 7 packs
  • legend pieces for 1-2 packs
  • candy for 4 packs





I also have other rares, uncommons and commons not listed here - so ask if you need anything in particular. Also feel free to offer me things even if it's not on my wanted list.

















  • Yanmega x3
  • Gengar x4
  • Magnezone x3
  • Donphan x2
  • Kingdra x2
  • Tyranitar x 2















  • Entei Raikou top x2
  • Entei Raikou bottom x2
  • Raikou Suicune bottom x2
  • Rayquaza Deoxys top x1
  • Rayquaza Deoxys bottom x1
  • Palkia Dialga top x2
  • Palkia Dialga bottom x2
  • Darkrai Cresselia top x2
  • Darkrai Cresselia bottom x2
  • Groudon Kyogre top x1
  • Ho-oh top x1
  • Ho-oh bottom x2
  • Lugia top x1
  • Lugia bottom x1















  • Zekrom FA x2
  • Noctowl x1
  • Beartic Sheer Cold x1
  • Alph Lithograph 4 x1
  • Rare candy x2
  • Rare candy (foil) x1
  • Catcher (foil) x1
  • Seeker x2
  • Judge x2
  • Communication BW x1
  • Spiritomb x3
  • Magmortar TM x1
  • Mamoswine x1
  • Porygon-Z x1
  • Ho-Oh CL x1











  • EP Power Play DECK x1
  • Boosters of your choice
  • Liepard hat
  • Letterman's event jacket (male and female)







































































  • Boosters (any)
  • Pachirisu
  • Shaymin
  • Typhlosion prime
  • Gothitelle (ability)
  • Zoroark BW x1
  • Cleffa
  • Any playables
  • Promo reshiram, serperior etc.





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Hello! would like to offer a rare candy for RDL top, RDL bottom, and 3x boosters of your choice or 1x ability emboar and 1x pack of your choice for 2 ability serperiors


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Thanks for the offers:


@podlasica: Yanmega prime would be worth way more than that. Thanks but I'll pass.


@bwstyle: So is it your rare candy for my RDL or the other way around? If you're giving rare candy, that trade sounds good.


For serperior, (on second thought) 1 emboar + 1 pack for 2 serps are good. Have 9 serperiors to get rid of : )








Also... just added EP power play deck and several legends, candies etc to the list.


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I normally go for at least 10, although I just traded one for~12 packs worth of cards. If I can choose the packs, I'll be happy to give 1 for 10 packs : )


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Magnezone goes by 7 packs, kingdra, I'm not sure... 4 maybe? And you don't have to give all packs, combination of packs and primes / wants work too.


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Hi creamy, I still have the rare candy, but I'd like to trade it away to help soldier saturn who needs it for 4 packs, so once I do that trade, I'll trade the 4 packs for RDL complete? How's that sound?


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Hi! Thank you for the offer, but I don't value machamp primes very high - I think they are worth about 1-2 boosters, similar to serperior. So, maybe just 1 serperior for 1 machamp?


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@bwstyle: I prefer your previous offer of emboar and pack rather than DCE for 2 serperior, or 3 packs for 2 serperiors. If that sounds good to you, just send me an offer. Plenty of serperior in there.




@popandbop: do you have any other rares you need? I have many unlisted primes, legends, trainers etc.


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Thank you all for the trades! Updated wants list.


@popandbop, I'll be happy to trade catcher for ninetales + vileplume or other cards with similar value


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@bwstyle: thanks for that offer, but I dont really need rockets trickery, and I'm having hard time getting rid of my candies too... Straight 3 packs for 2 serperior would be cheaper for you (and better for me too) : )


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