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PACHIRISU needs to be checked out.


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First, im going to feel really stupid if im missing something here but I just had to come here and confirm before I submit a ticket.


Second, Correct me if im wrong but Shocking Bolts damage is 50.


That said this is what I just experienced...


To start the game I put out Tornadus and my opponent put out Tyrogue. He won the flip and proceeded to put Pachirisu on his bench from his hand. Using Self-Regeneration he placed 2 lightning energies under Pachi and then retreated Tyrogue and brought out Pachi. He used Shocking Bolt and did 120 Damage and 1-Hit K.O. my Tornadus (which has 110 HP) when the attack really should have only done 100 HP (50 x 2 for weakness).


Now, at first I thought maybe I missed something like a plus power, but even after I checked the battle logs It just confirms that he used shocking bolt and it did 120 damage. Also, plus power would have made no sense because because he would have only needed to use one to make it 110...not 2 to make it 120.




Is there something wrong with PACHI doing 60 damage instead of 50? Has anyone else has this problem?


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PlusPower would make the most sense, PlusPower adds damage before weaknesses and resistances occur, so it would make his pachi 60 atk and then weakness makes it 120.




You'll have to have a screenshot of his discardpile without the pluspower/recycling trainers to have any sort of solid proof of your claim.


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