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Just Bought the "Outstanding Oshawott" Box Set!


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So I was perusing the card section of my local Meijer where I work, and I happen to come across a rather large blue box. ANd this box had Oshawott's name all over it. No, really, this wasa box dedicated to everyone's favorite otter!




So you might be wondering "Grimmy, just what in the name of Arceus (or random deity of your choice here) is in this box!?" you may be wondering out loud as you furiously type those words out. Well, here's the gist of it:


First, you get a little Oshawott figurine. It's adorable and he's wielding his little shell, the expression on his face saying "STAY BACK, MAN! I'LL CUT YOU!".


Next, you get a foil version of the Black and White Oshawott card (#27/114). I was sort of "meh" about this but still cool. On the plus side, you get THREE Black and White: Emerging Powers boosters, and a unique code card that gets you the foil Oshawott card for your online collection, and virtual versions of an Oshawott card AND figurine for your avatar (and the figurine is slightly larger for your avatar so you can show it off better).




But my favorite part of this box is the HUGE trading card that comes with it! Firstly, the name of the card is (Blank)'s Oshawott, stating it is YOUR Oshawott and no one else's. Secondly, the picture depicts Oshy and his two evolutions, Dewott and Samurott. And the card is in 3-D, giving it a cool look. Oh, and he has a whopping 200 HP. His attack costs 3 Water energy and does 100 damage (plus 100 damage to each of your opponent's benched pokemon) !!! And the attack name is blank, so you can call it whatever you like (I'm calling it Revolver! "This Oshawott is the best Oshawott in the world!").


All of this for 15 bucks (give or takea few cents). Is it worth it? You DO get a unique foil card, avatar items, three booster packs and a giant Oshawott card and figurine, so I say yeah, if you've got the money, go out and buy it today!




... Or, you know, whenever you like no rush.


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All I could find was a large stack of Snivy boxes, and I said to myself, if this was Oshawott I'd own this thing. I'm still looking, I like those big cards.


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