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Trading for Packs (2 Machamp Prime, Kingdra Prime, Blissey Prime, and more)


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I'm looking for either Unleashed or Triumphiant, either one is fine


I have the pack amount I'll trade for to the right (Two .5's is one pack)


So, here's what I have up right now:




Fisherman (.5 packs)


Pokegear 3.0 (.5 packs)


3 Professor Oak's New Theory (.5 packs each)


2 Pokemon Communication (.5 packs each)


Seeker (.5 packs)


PlusPower (.5 packs)


3 Super Scoop Up (.5 packs each)


Tyrogue (1 pack)


Pichu (1 pack)


Blissey Prime (2 packs)


2 Machamp Prime (2 packs each)


Full Art Tornadus (2 packs)


Ho-Oh Legend bottom piece (2 packs)


Full Palkia and Dialga Legend (2 packs for each, 3 packs for both together)




Just let me know, my binder should be up in the trading section right now =)


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