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2.43.0 Patch Notes | March 16, 2017

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On March 16, 2017 the Pokémon TCG Online was updated to version 2.43.0.  Changes in this version include:

  • New foil effects have been implemented throughout the game for cards from Standard format expansions. These effects will be implemented for Expanded and Legacy format expansions in future game updates.
  • The game client has been upgraded to the latest version of the Unity game engine, resolving a number of performance and graphic issues for all platforms.
  • A match in progress should now properly reconnect to the game server if connection is lost while a selection prompt is present.
  • Prompt text, selection interface, and animations for some cards with complex search actions have been improved.

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Bug Fixes



  • Audino (BCR #126): Fixed several graphical issues when using the Busybody Ability.
  • Dangerous Energy (AOR #82): This card should no longer interfere with the activation of other retaliation effects on the Pokémon to which it is attached.
  • Eevee (PLB #90): The Signs of Evolution attack now generates a single selection window the 3 Pokémon being selected.
  • Genesect (PLB #10): The Grass Energy symbol is no longer missing from the prompt text for the Call for Family attack.
  • Giratina (PR #XY184): Devolving a Pokémon BREAK now properly removes the effect of the Devour Light Ability.
  • Hex Maniac (AOR #75): This card should no longer prevent the effects of Pokémon Tool cards attached to a Pokémon that has an Ability.
  • Hypno (FFI #36): The correct game prompt is now presented when Seeker (TM #88) is selected while using the Hand Control attack.
  • Lapras-GX (SUM #35): Moving Lapras-GX to the Bench now properly removes the effect of the Blizzard Burn attack.
  • M Houndoom-EX (BKT #22): When the Inferno Fang attack is copied by another Pokémon, the prompt for the attack's optional effect will only appear if the attacking Pokémon has Fire Energy attached.
  • M Mawile-EX (PR #XY104): An unnecessary selection prompt no longer appears after flipping 2 tails for the Twin Grapple attack.
  • Moomoo Milk (HS #94): A selection prompt no longer appears when both coin flips are tails.
  • Parasect (GEN #7): Parasect is now properly highlighted as a valid target for the effect of the Colorful Spores attack.
  • Piloswine (TM #48): The coin flip animation for the Blizzard attack now plays in the correct order.
  • Ribombee (SUM #93): Ribombee is now properly highlighted as a valid target for the effect of the Curative Pollen attack.
  • Rotom (UD #20): The Mischevious Trick Poké-Power now consistently switches Prize cards correctly.
  • Samurott (STS #32): If the Defending Pokémon is Knocked Out by damage from the Ultimate Blade attack, the attack's effect should no longer affect the opponent's new Active Pokémon.
  • Sharpedo (SUM #82): The Rough Skin Ability should now consistently activate while other retaliation effects are present on Sharpedo.
  • Solgaleo-GX (SUM #89): Solgaleo-GX is now properly highlighted as a valid target for the effect of the Ultra Road Ability.
  • Spiritomb (TM #10): A notification is now presented to the opponent when the Spooky Whirlpool Poke-Power is used.
  • Tauros (XY #100): The effect text for the Seething Anger attack is now correct in all versions of the game client.
  • Team Rocket's Handiwork (FCO #124): This card now appears when the Full Art filter is enabled.
  • Togetic (ROS #44): The shuffle animation no longer plays separately for each Energy card returned to the deck with the Go Fetch attack.
  • Umbreon-GX (SUM #80): The Dark Call GX attack should no longer cause the game to crash when selecting a Pokémon that has protection from the effects of attacks.
  • Vikavolt (SUM #52): The prompt text for the Strong Charge Ability should be less confusing when there is no Grass Energy in the deck.


  • For systems with multiple monitors, the game client should now consistently launch on the primary monitor.
  • Improved the overall visibility of foil effects throughout the game for cards from Standard-legal expansions. Similar improvements will be made to cards from Expanded and Legacy-legal expansions in a future game update.
  • Minimizing the game client should no longer cause CPU usage to spike.
  • The "NEW!" icon should now appear properly throughout the game client.
  • The Options button can no longer be selected while it is covered by the Social menu.

Gameplay: General

  • A status effect indicator should now appear more consistently when an effect is present on a player.
  • Abilities which allow a player to search their deck can no longer be used when the deck is empty.
  • An invalid verification prompt should no longer appear when using an effect to disable an opponent's attack that shuffles the hand into the deck and draws a new hand.
  • Animations for Trainer cards that affect other cards in play are now displayed in the proper order.
  • Improved messaging has been added when a game ends due to one player's inactivity.
  • The GX attack reminder now appears when using an effect to copy another Pokémon's GX attack.
  • The outcome of the initial coin flip at the start of the match should no longer be obscured.
  • The 'Select the Energy to Discard' prompt no longer remains on the screen throughout the attack animation for attacks which require Energy to be discarded.

Cards: Collection

  • Mega Pokémon are no longer filtered as Stage 1 Pokémon.
  • Separate filters for HGSS and BW series promos are now available.
  • The proper image is now present for the Pikachu Collection Electric Shirt.
  • Uncommon and Rare Holo Chests should now properly contain only versions of cards which can be found in booster packs.

Cards: Deck Manager


  • Decks created using the Deck Wizard should add unplayable cards to a deck less often, such as Forest of Giant Plants in a deck with no Grass Pokémon.
  • The proper SUM abbreviation should now be used for Sun & Moon cards in the Print and Export Deck features.

Cards: Trading

  • Blocking another player via the Social menu should now prevent that player from sending private trade offers.
  • The For Trade tag should now be removed when the last tradable copy of an item leaves the Collection
  • The Friend Trade and Public Trade preferences now properly function independently of each other.


  • The language for items in the Shop should now consistently match the language of the game client.
  • When redeeming multiple codes, submitting a new code will no longer remove the check mark from any previously entered codes waiting to be claimed.

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