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Winning Prizes?


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When playing Matchmaking i think i remember reading somewhere that you could win prizes, and if you play a Practice Match "you will win something but dont expect anything big".




Im not sure if they still need to install the feature of if i just read something wrongly, but i've played a few matches and won, but not recieved any "prize"... right now it looks like im playing just for playing, i have nothing to try and win for. I know its still early stages but it would be nice to have another way to gather your cards.




I see alot of posts complaining about free players having a huge disadvantage to paying players because the paying players have the chance to get the more powerful cards.




So why not have something for the prizes like... Say i win a match against someone, my prize could either be a random card from their deck (not taking it from them, just unlocking the card for me). I personally think it would be a nice way to give the free players a little bit of a chance.


Please tell me if you think the same or if im you dont think its needed, would be nice for some enlightenment on this.




Im not sure if this topic should be in a different section of the forum so if it is then just tell me and i'll move it :).




Thanks for reading


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Rather lengthy thread about buying or earning cards via winning / tokens can be found here: www.pokemontcg.com/forums/tcg-online-general-discussion-25/topics/please-let-us-buy-booster-credits-with-tokens-prof. Have a good read. regular_smile.png


As of now there is no rewards from practise games. You can earn token from playing ranked games however you cannot use them to buy new cards at least yet.


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i'll take another read through that thanks, i read abit the other day but it is quite lengthy.




But even if they do let us buy cards with tokens that cant be the only way for free players to actually collect the cards can it?


I mean if they do put cards for tokens then they arnt going to be cheap, because then they wont be making much of a profit from the people actually buying cards, there will be less retail value when people start spamming for tokens.




I just personally think it would be nice of someway to win cards too, they dont have to be great cards, they could be half decent cards or even just some basic cards, anything that could even slightly power up your deck so there is some chance for everyone to have an even chance.


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