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Bring back Pokemon Chronicles

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Hey folks, not sure how many people would remember Pokemon Chronicles, but it was a mini-series that came out around the same time Pokemon Advance did, which is Ash's adventures in the Hoenn Region, with May, Max, and Brcok, but it focuses more on what goes on with his friends after he left.  Except for the Team Rocket one, you got to see what goes on with Misty after she leaves Ash to actually become the Cerulean City Gym Leader, Richie, along with showing what happened to Brock between him leaving Ash and Misty to visit his family in Pewter City and his leaving to rejoin Ash for a couple more adventure.  It was also interesting to see a couple of mini-stories, like Pokémon Dungeon and The Legend of Thunder three-parter which involves the animated versions of the protagonist from the GSC games, both genders.

Would have been nice to see if they did it between each arcs, like show what adventures May and Max are having after deciding to pursue their own goals, along with Dawn, Iris, Cilan, and now, Serena, Clemont and Bonnie, instead of just doing a single episode, and just leave it at that.  And sad thing is, before, they had the girl from the previous season drop by to pay Ash a visit, for a few episodes to have another adventure with him, like Misty returns in Hoenn to have her Togepi/Togetic become a hero, May returns in DP to compete in the Wallace Cup, Dawn returns in BW.  Not sure if Iris ever returns in XY, or is completely forgotten, like anything else relating to Ash, but if she was, not sure if Serena would be effected the same way when it comes to Sun and Moon.

Anyway, with Chronicles, would be interesting to see if they can throw in a few more story ideas, like say, do a few episodes in the Orre Region, which involves an animated version of the Pokémon Colosseum games, although considering how dark the theme was on the game, it would probably be more for Teens and Adults, or maybe, Pokémon Rumble, or even Pokémon Snap.  But sad thing is, Pokémon doesn't seem as wide spread when it comes to new ideas like it used to ever since DP hit the scenes.

Well, that is how I feel at the moment, and well, while everybody is going to have their own opinions, just please keep them clean, okay.

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