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Looking for HGSS/Triumphant/Unleashed packs (All offers posted here)


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I'm just looking to trade for packs


The packs I'll trae for are HeartGold SoulSilver, Triumphant, or Unleashed


I'll take any of the combication as long as it's the amount I'm asking for to the right of each card


FA Reshiram (3 packs)


Blastoise (1 pack)


Electrode Prime (2 packs)


Pichu (1 pack)


Tyrogue (1 pack)


Machamp Prime (3 packs)


Zoroark (2 packs)


Blissey Prime (2 packs)


Cleffa (2 packs)


FA Tornadus (3 packs)


Full Pialka & Dialga Legend (4 packs)


3 Blackbelts (1 pack each)


2 Double Colorless Energy (2 packs each)


2 Fisherman (1 pack each)


PlusPower (1 pack)


PokeGear 3.0 (1 pack)


2 Pokemon Communication (1 pack each)


2 Proffesor Oak's New Theory (1 pack each)


2 Revive (1 pack each)


3 Super Scoop Up (1 pack each)


2 Seekers (1 pack each)


2 Twins (1 pack each)


The mighty BW 54 Scolipede (500 packs...kidding, but if someone does actually want this I'll give it for 1)


Any offers? =)


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