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Ninetales w/ Roast Reveal + Other Cards for trade


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I'm looking for some particular Grass and Psychic cards, as well as a few other cards and/or packs, so I thought I'd come here and see what I can get.




This is what I'm looking for:


1x Celebi (Prime)


1x Roselia


1x Roserade


1x Petilil (w/ Stun Spore + Cut)


2x Mismagius (w/ Magical Trans + Psychic Pulse)


2x Drowzee


2x Hypno


3x Eevee (w/ Call for Family + Tickle)


2x Espeon (w/ Solar Suggestion + Psybeam) (Art does not matter)


4x Rainbow Energy


2x Pokemon Collector


2x Super Scoop Up (Art does not matter)


Booster Packs (Type of Pack does not matter)




Cards I am offering:


1x Deerling


1x Sawsbuck (w/ Nature Power + Horn Leech)


1x Sawsbuck (w/ Push Down + Take Down)


1x Maractus


1x Pansage


1x Simisage


1x Magby


1x Ninetales (w/ Roast Reveal + Will-o'-the-Wisp) (the BIG card of the list)


1x Delibird


1x Pichu


1x Nidoqueen


1x Whirlipede


1x Scolipede


1x Koffing


1x Weezing


1x Tyrogue


1x Hitmonlee


1x Sableye


1x Sneasel


1x Klang


1x Mawile


1x Farfetch'd


1x Swinub


1x Piloswine


1x Mamoswine


1x Scyther


1x Lost Remover


1x Metal Energy


1x Rescue Energy


1x Switch




I will make sure to check back here often to see if offers have appeared. I have also put all the cards listed in here in my binder and have posted a public trade offer stating to look there. If for some reason the cards in your offer do not appear in the binder, Post the offer here, and I'll make sure to put it back in the binder (since sometimes it won't appear for me).


The Ninetales card is the big seller of this list, so it may take a bit of "convincing" to get me to trade it, but rest assured, I AM willing to trade it.


Anyways, post away and I'll happily await your offers. ^_^


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