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pokemon park and underground challege roleplay!


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one day your walking and you see a pokemon.you follow it to a park on one path and a tunnel in a another.here is a few thing before we go father like this...Pokemon* VERY IMPORTANT! what path do you follow ALSO VERY IM PORTANT!name NEED TO ROLEPLAY! you see a man in a lab coat."hello!im am a profresser.call me rowan!welcome to park/underground challege!oh!is that your pokemon?no?hey, take this. its a pokeball.throw it at the pokemon there.".you do as told and catch it."oh and choose 3 of these pokemon:snivy,tepig,oshawatt,chimchar,turtwig,piplup,minccino,pikachu,and a special secret pokemon."said rowan.(pick the three)"ohh and say hi to denis/matty to me!"said rowan.


never roleplayed?here are the rules:


no balloning.


no spamming.(can bump but not spam.)


no godmodding(controlling a another player)


now go have an adventure!


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Kdoll that sounds AWESOME, can i be a member? I know all about roleplaying and its TOO fun!!! Pretty plz can i join???teeth_smile.png


sure! write something like this:






version:underground(it could be park too)


3 choices:minicino,pikachu,oshawatt


just chose!


also on route 1 in park:pidove,purrloin,patrat,lillipup


route 1 on underground:roggenrola,scraggy,munna,and sandile.


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