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What is your superhero name!!

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@SlayerAbsol haha so your superhero name would be Orange Fatcat lol


@abivultails so Blackpillow or should I call you Voidfluf?


@g4g Yellow Bed/Dream Canarie


@ Me White Noise(headphones)


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Just realized... IM LOOKING TO THE LEFT NOT THE RIGHT... *Looks right*


Whiteorange still...



Wait, no its actually Whitecouch


(AHHHHGH sorrwee for double posting...)


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Brown.......newspaper. :( That is possibly the most boring superhero name ever.


thats why you have to be creative with it and think of other words to describe those two things. so you would be BrownDaily, Brownletter, DailyDirt, Dirtyword, etc.




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Whitepancakes! >_> ewwww


What is associated with white: Purity, Heaven, Cleanlyness, Bright, Light, Day, God.


what is associated with pancakes: Cooking, fluffy, Flapjack, shortstack, delightful, tasty, pan


so you could be: Pangod, or TastyAngel


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