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Missing graphics and buttons, stops me from scrolling and using chat

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Hi, ever since the first Sun & Moon update (2.42 I believe?) I'm experiencing graphical issues that are also stopping me from using several functions. Some, but not all graphics are missing, such as:


the boxes of the checkboxes (but not the checkmarks)

the dropdown for language selection in the login screen

boxes around the buttons for the chat

arrows used for scrolling through stacks of cards

"coloring" of multiple choice boxes in the options menu

the X buttons to close pop-up menus


I can't use the chat (both inside and outside of games), I can't change the language of my client and I can't scroll through discard piles. 


I have tried to uninstall and install. I could not do this the traditional way because of the "Could not access user_profile" error which I was unable to fix. Even through using CCleaner or registry editing, I could not delete PTCGO. I've also tried using the Repair option in the installer. 


I can provide screenshots on request, but since this forum does not allow outside linking that's kinda hard to do.



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