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Red Frenzy Deck Questions


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I bought the red frenzy deck and unlocked it for use in the beta, I have 2 problems with the deck though.


1. the deck is not the same as the actuall deck I recieved.


2. I keep unlocking cards which is how I assume you actually get to eventually play the entire deck, the only problem is that it unlocked stage 2 evolutions that I do not have stage 1 cards for, so I get a few useless cards in the deck.


Thanks for any help with this.




Also, the higher I go in the tourny the worse my luck seems to get, in my last 7 games my tails always tripled or quadrupled my number of heads flipped.


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We see you have an issue about the redemption of your deck. While the deck is slightly changed to fit better the format of the trainer challenge as you will unlock more cards as you progress, it should match more closely in the actual TCGO online play once that is released fully. Until then we apologize for the confusion, hopes this clears things up!








As far as your luck in the tourney, we assure you the odds on a coin toss are the same as they were in the first game, though we have definitely felt your pain on a miss streak! Hoothoot demands you sleep for 8 turns straight while I pump my 2nd evolution up with energy >:D.


Prof Proto


Centurion Moderator




"Being defeated is often a temporary condition. Giving up makes it permanent"


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@OP: you're sure you're beating the AI in order? Because card unlocks seem to be tied to AI, there's not just an order.





lol you cant say h 0 a 0 t 0 e?



Yeah, censor's way overreactive here. You can also not even properly say "as 0 a" (though as lame as it is, that at least that has an "understandable" reason behind it. But the more effective synonym for dislike???).


And fortunately no AI uses Jigglypuff, as knowing the coin, that thing could take down entire decks.


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The flip thing cannot be random, I just had 17 tails to 1 heads. My emboar couldnt attack for 5 rounds against the flash attack from voltorb.


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