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2.42.4 Known Issues | Feb. 16, 2017

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This thread contains a collection of known issues in version 2.42.4 of the Pokémon TCG Online. These issues have been logged into the bug tracking database and will be resolved by the development team in order of severity.


Items in red have been recently added to this list.


If you have encountered an issue that does not appear in this thread, please report the it via the Report a Game Bug area of the forums, or the Pokémon Support Portal.


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Known Card Issues

Last Updated: Feb. 16, 2017

  • Audino (BCR #126): Several graphical issues occur when using the Busybody Ability while playing Audino from the hand.
  • Bronzong (FCO #61): While Bronzong is on the Bench the Metal Fortress Ability does not properly prevent the Shadow Stitching attack (Greninja, BKP #40) from affecting your Benched Pokemon.
  • Cedric Juniper (LTR #110): The selected Pokémon is only revealed to the opponent if the correct height is chosen.
  • Celebi-EX (BCR #9): Removing 1 Celebi-EX from play will deactivate the Time Recall Ability of all other Celebi-EX in play.
  • Chinchou (SUM #49): The opponent's Prize cards are unnecessarily zoomed when the opponent uses the Searching Light attack.
  • Dangerous Energy (AOR #82): This card occasionally prevents retaliation effects on other cards attached to the same Pokémon from activating consistently.
  • Delcatty (XY #105): Energy cards selected by the Energy Salon attack are presented individually, rather than as a group.
  • Ditto (BCR #108): All damage counters on Ditto are removed when the Transform Ability is used.
  • Eevee (PLB #90): The Signs of Evolution attack generates individual selection windows for each of the 3 Pokémon being selected.
  • Fomantis (SUM #14): Fomantis is not highlighted as a valid target for the effect of the Synthesis attack, though it can still be selected.
  • Genesect (PLB #10): The Grass Energy symbol is missing from the prompt text for the Call for Family attack.
  • Giratina (PR #XY184): Devolving a Pokemon BREAK does not remove the effect of the Devour Light Ability.
  • Hypno (FFI #36): An incorrect game prompt is present when Seeker (TM #88) is selected while using the Hand Control attack.
  • Lapras-GX (SUM #35, 139, 151): Moving Lapras-GX to the Bench does not remove the effect of the Blizzard Burn attack.
  • Lost World (CL #81): There is no visual indicator for the number of Pokémon that each player has in the Lost Zone.
  • Lucky Helmet (AOR #77): The effect of this card does not trigger if the attacking Pokemon is returned to its owner's hand as an effect of the attack.
  • M Houndoom-EX (BKT #22, 153): The discard prompt for the Inferno Fang attack's optional effect will appear regardless of whether the attacking Pokemon has any Fire Energy attached. This allows attacks like Foul Play to use the optional effect without meeting its discard requirement.
  • M Mawile-EX (PR #XY104): An unnecessary selection prompt appears after flipping 2 tails for the Twin Grapple attack.
  • Parasect (GEN #7): Parasect is not highlighted as a valid target for the effect of the Colorful Spores attack, though it can still be selected.
  • Piloswine (TM #48): The coin flip animation for the Blizzard attack plays after the damage animation.
  • Reserved Ticket (BKT #147): No animation is played when the selected card is moved to the top of the deck.
  • Ribombee (SUM #93): Ribombee is not highlighted as a valid target for the effect of the Curative Pollen attack, though it can still be selected.
  • Rotom (UD #20): The Mischievous Trick Poke-Power does not always switch Prize cards correctly.
  • Rotom Dex (SUM #131, 159) Some specific game actions cause every copy of Rotom Dex played for the remainder of the match to place the new Prize cards face up, rather than face down. We have temporarily banned Rotom Dex from play to prevent this bug from creating a situation where a player has an unfair advantage over their opponent. (This bug was corrected in version 2.42.4)
  • Samurott (SSG #32) If the opposing Pokémon is under 40 hp, Ultimade Blade knocks out both the current and next opponent.
  • Sigilyph (PLB #41): The selection interface does not function as expected when an effect disables the Toolbox Ability while multiple Pokémon Tool cards are attached to Sigilyph.
  • Silent Lab (PRC #140): If Silent Lab is in play when a match end in a tie its effect carries over to the Sudden Death match.
  • Sharpedo (SuM #82) Stacking retaliation effects sometimes prevents recoil damage from Rough Skin.
  • Solgaleo-GX (SUM #89): Solgaleo-GX is not highlighted as a valid target for the effect of the Ultra Road Ability, though it can still be selected.
  • Spiritomb (TM #10): A notification is not presented to the opponent when the Spooky Whirlpool Poké-Power is used.
  • Starmie (EVO #31) Unable to use Space Beacon at all if there is no energy is in the discard pile.
  • Tauros (XY #100): The effect text for the Seething Anger attack is incorrect in the German client.
  • Team Rocket's Handiwork (FCO #124): This card does not appear when the Full Art filter is enabled.
  • Thundurus-EX (PLF #38, 110; PR #BW81): Raiden Knuckle's Energy attachment effect is prevented by protection effects which should only apply to effects of the opponent's attacks.
  • Togetic (ROS #44): The shuffle animation plays separately for each Energy card returned to the deck with the Go Fetch attack.
  • Vikavolt (SUM #52): Misleading prompt text appears when the Strong Charge Ability is used and no Grass Energy is remains in the deck.

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Known Gameplay Issues

Last Updated: Feb. 3, 2017



  • After successful login, logging out and back in without closing the client will stall the loading bar at 81%
  • An error may occur when attempting to uninstall the game via the Control Panel when installed in any language other than English. Running the Installer and selecting "Uninstall" will resolve the issue.
  • Changing your system date may disable some sound effects.
  • For systems with multiple monitors, the game client always launches on the leftmost monitor rather than the primary monitor.
  • In some very rare cases the contents of the collection may fail to fully load when logging in to the game client after a server update. At this time, the only known solution is a full uninstall and reinstall of the game.
  • Separate filters for HeartGold & SoulSilver and Black & White series promo cards are not available.
  • Sound effects may still continue to play when another window is opened over the game client.
  • The "NEW!" icon may be cut off or missing letters in some areas of the game.
  • The Dragon Vault logo is not displayed on promo Dragon Vault cards.
  • The Options button can still be clicked while it's covered by the opened Social menu.
  • Trying to reconnect after being disconnected for inactivity stalls the loading bar at 81%
  • Windows: Some game files remain in the AppData folder after uninstalling the game client.

Gameplay: General

  • A placeholder image appears on the playmat for some deck boxes.
  • A player's time clock is incorrectly reduced by 2-3 seconds each time their turn ends.
  • Abilities are not consistently displayed in the game log when activated.
  • An invalid verification prompt may appear when an attack with an amnesia effect is used to disable an attack that shuffles the hand into the deck and draws a new hand.
  • Animations for Trainer cards that affect other cards in play are displayed in the wrong order.
  • Disconnection may occur while making selections in the card selection window.
  • Each use of an Ability is listed twice in the game log; once as an Ability and once as an attack
  • Foil effects may not be displayed properly while zooming in on a card during a match.
  • If both players remain idle for several minutes, the match will end and display "Player ran out of time" as the match result even if both players had time remaining on their play clock.
  • Players may occasionally get stuck on the "Waiting For Your Opponent To Load The Game" message at the start of a match.
  • The GX attack reminder does not appear when using an effect that copies a GX attack.
  • The outcome of the initial coin flip at the start of the match is briefly obscured.
  • The Prize card stack can only be inspected while one or more Prize cards is face-up due to a card effect (e.g. Town Map, BKT #150).
  • The ''Select the Energy to Discard'' prompt remains on the screen throughout the attack animation for attacks which require Energy to be discarded.
  • The status effect indicator is not consistently present for effects on the player.
  • When a single effect allows damage counters to be placed on multiple Pokemon, the game log will only list the last Pokemon selected.
  • When affected by an attack which disables one of your Pokémon's attacks, there is no notification of which attack was disabled.

Gameplay: Trainer Challenge

  • Booster packs rewards from earning 4 stars on a Trainer Challenge opponent or league are displayed in a Products Redeemed window.
  • Ella uses Boldore's (PHF #49) Core Heal attack when it has no damage counters on it.
  • HGSS Basic Theme Decks are sometimes not unlocked after 7 wins.
  • The AI will not use Golbat's (PHF #32) Swoop Across attack if the Defending Pokémon has an effect which reduces or prevents damage done to it.
  • Zach does not use Unfezant's (ROS #81) Sky Attack attack when adequate Energy is attached to it.

Gameplay: Versus

  • Players may not receive the correct amount rewards from the Versus Ladder.
  • Clicking around Canned Chat messages when active Pokémon has actions available can select an attack.

Gameplay: Events

  • After disconnecting from the game during the opening coin flip, reconnecting to the game returns the player to a blank playmat and no further game actions can be taken.
  • After disconnecting from the game while a selection window is open, reconnecting to the game returns the player to a blank playmat and no further game actions can be taken.

Cards: Collection

  • League-stamped versions of some cards may appear in Uncommon Chests or Rare Holo Chests.
  • Mega Pokémon are filtered as Stage 1 Pokémon.
  • Some Black & White series theme decks are missing the theme deck-exclusive foil or non-foil version of their cards.
  • Some cards foil effects are visually less radiant than intended.
  • The Pikachu Collection Electric Shirt shows the image for the Charizard Collection Stoke Jacket.

Cards: Deck Manager

  • Deck Wizard sometimes adds Forest of Giant Plants (AOR #74) to decks with no Grass-type Pokémon.
  • In Deck Wizard, Dimension Valley (PHF #93) may be added to decks with no Psychic-type Pokémon.
  • In Deck Wizard, Rough Seas (PRC #137) may be added to decks with no Water- or Lighting-type Pokémon.
  • The arrow buttons for gameplay items in the Save Deck window scroll too far when a significant number of items are present.
  • The Deck Wizard may add a Spirit Link card to a deck without also including the corresponding Pokémon-EX.
  • The Overall Wins and Overall Played statistics do not update immediately after a match is played.
  • When Gourgeist (PHF #45) is selected in Deck Wizard, no Grass Energy is added to the deck for the Gourgantic Ability.

Cards: Trading

  • Blocking a player does not prevent that player from sending private trade offers.
  • Bundle Pack items do not appear in the Create Trade section.
  • Options for filtering cards and items in "I Am Giving" while Creating a Trade are inconsistent.
  • Rejected private trade offers display a dash, rather than the trade partner's screen name, in the Trade History.
  • The For Trade tag is not consistently removed when the number of tradable and trade locked copies of an item remaining in the collection is 0.
  • The Friend Trade preference is used for all trades if it has a more restrictive setting than the Public Trade preference.
  • While creating a trade offer, trade tag buttons are only visible while an item is zoomed.


  • Inconsistent order when sorting items by "Lowest Gem Cost".
  • When redeeming multiple codes, submitting a new code will automatically remove the check mark from any previously entered codes waiting to be claimed.


  • The Black & White—Plasma Blast expansion may be listed under Complete Sets despite not owning some cards in this set.


  • Accounts that are at or above the maximum number of allowed friends can continue to accept new friend requests.
  • Child accounts cannot access the Friends tab until a friend request has been received from another account.

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