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This thread is for people to talk about beyblades (the metal fusion/masters ones, not the old ones) and tell their favorites. Here's mine.


Favorite Attack type: Bakushin Susanow- I like how it's so short that the fusion wheel hits the spin track, while the energy ring hits the underside of the fusion wheel.


Favorite Defense type: Basalt Horogium- My favorite beyblade, I love the fusion wheel, it makes him almost undbeatable. The WD performance tip lets him topple heavily without disrupting its spin.


Favorite Stamina type: Flame Libra- I'm a libra, end of discussion.


Favorite Balance type: Earth Eagle- I love Tsubasa, especially when he gets possessed by the darkness. Plus the earth wheel is an amazing fusion wheel. The WD tip is an awesome tip as I said with Horogium


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Let it Rip XD


Didn't your avatar used to be male? Or am I just going crazy?



No, you're not dreaming. I'm not sure why it happened, it just did.


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