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Possible Solution for Update Crash

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Heyooo for those of you who, like me, had the update in Oct/Nov 2016 crash the game and give the error message "please send the file to the game developer" I may have found a solution!


A friend of mine was fixing a Steam game for me with a similar problem and suggested I go into Windows update and, well yeah, run updates- Windows says there's only 10 optional updates, but just running all of those seems to have fixed the problem and I can now run TCG from my PC again!


I was given the suggestion by the staff to go into LocalLow and all this stuff which I think is better to do still if you're having this problem- follow those steps, remove all the original files, run the update and THEN redownload c:



Similarly I know the iPad version was also crashing- I found a simple delete and redownload worked for that too ^-^

I'm not sure yet about the Apple version- comment if there's a similar solution for MAC users!


Hope I helped everyone else ^-^

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