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Trading for Some water poke's =)


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My cards for trade are


<strike>1 Gothitelle ability (47) (reverse holo)- also have a non ability - 2 good/2 bad gothorita - 6 good/1bad gothita for compliments</strike> closed =)


1 T Tar Prime - also have 1of the good larvitars for compliments


2 espeon (solar suggestion) (2) (reverse holo)


<strike>1 pschic metagross (4) (reverse holo)- with 2 metang and 3 beldum for compliments</strike> closed =)


1 darkrai and crasellia legend top


<strike>2 muk - 4 grimer for compliments</strike> Closed =)


<strike>1 torkoal </strike>closed =)


2 pokemon communications


2 recycles - 1 normal/1shiny (96) excuse my terminolagy (and possibly spelling lol)


1 crushing hammer


also have 3 krookodiles and 3 scolipedes (but not on purpose) if anyone happens to be interested in those (same as the ones from powerplay/toxic tricks)


Looking for


2 or 3 x Samurott Ability


1 x Feraligator prime


1 x Alomomola (hydro pump)


Still undecided what draw power i'm want to opt for so may add to the looking for list later on.


Nothing is in my binder as of yet so drop me a message here if you're interested in a trade




Thanks for looking =)


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i have 1 alomomola i do not know if it knows hydro pump hp 100 i want a torkal or espoen or tar p if i get tar it will be my prime


it dark or fight it does not matter


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Ah misread the last line, thougth you said you also wanted draw power cards for the water deck, so I thought I'd try to offer delibird.




Anyways, if I add 1 more RH Alomomola to my original offer would you do it?


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do you want another samurott for gothitelle?



I value gothitelle higher than samurott i'm afraid. Gothic lass (gothitelle reuinicluss) is being hyped up as the next big deck so she's been climbing ever since.


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